Undesirable Clients

From reading this page, some may get the impression that many clients of sex professionals are undesirable. Please be aware that bad and undesirable clients are the exception, not the rule. They represent a tiny percentage. The vast majority of clients are kind and good men. They are fathers, husbands, brothers, sons etc. and are nothing like the men listed here.

Due to legal reasons, we can now only publish partial names, phone numbers or addresses of most undesirable clients. We block out the missing numbers with a star * . However we can publish the full information of some of them. SPOC does have more information on each undesirable client. If you are a sex worker and want this info, do not hesitate to email us at welcome@spoc.ca.

To report an undesirable client, contact us HERE

April 2014 - Incall

Names used: Ray or Ramondo

Name: R Hensel

Phone number: 6*7.426.31*0

Description: Caucasian, 6'0, light colored eyes, late 70's/80's, heavy set. Drives a gold colored Cadillac SUV.

Has booked before but since, has been coming to the location unannounced without prior bookings set up. Phones every day. Keeps trying to barter for services, even when he has been told this is not an option. Has been asking for personal information from worker.

Late March, 2014, around lunch time

Niagra Falls - Incall

Our colleague had a client who had called a few times asking about her breast size. He finally booked & went to see her. In the room he tried offering only $50 for a quick handjob far below her set donation rate. He claimed he will go get the rest of the money and come back. Had been a no show before as well.

Short shave head.

Phone number & name from caller ID: Luigi S. - 90*.32*.9564

June, 2013

"Client" possibly residing in Edmonton, Alberta using a Calgary phone number, began to send hate text messages being very agressive and disrespectful. He began verbally abusing and swearing at our colleague.

Phone number he used: 1.40*.91*.3571

August, 2012

Toronto - Incall

During the date, the client was very nice. 15 minutes after he left, he began calling and texting our colleague leaving messages such as she “had given him AIDS". He has continued calling and texting days after. He is harassing our colleague and being aggressive and threatening toward her. He has even tried to book another date with her.

The name the client used is not known.

Phone number used: *47.88*.5284

Description: Tall (atleast 6ft), very thin, short dark hair & dark complexion. His teeth were rotten. Says he was a labourer & visits sex workers twice a month.

July, 2012

Toronto - Outcall

"Jonathan" called to book a date with our colleague, but when our colleague arrived at the address, an older woman answered the door. When our colleague phoned "Jonathan" back to inquire about the fake address, "Jonathan" began making crazy accusations toward our collegue and later that night sent her dozens of abusive text messages.

Phone number used: 51*.317.986*

Name used: Jonathan

April, 2012


Dangerous Threatening Client

A male client using this number: 1.514.7*2.*841 is criminally harassing a male colleague of ours who is in Montréal.

Called our colleague and made an appointment for the following week. A week later, he all of a sudden started phoning our colleague over 80 times a day & leaving harassing messages. Number may be a pay as you go cell, but there is a voice mail with his voice on it.

Febuary, 2012

Time Waster

Client booked but never called to confirm. He then phoned later to make another appointment and arrived at our colleague's incall at the agreed upon time. He asked for coins for the meter and when our colleague refused, he said he would just go to the corner store. Did not agree to leave our colleague's hourly rate before he left to feed the meter and he never came back.

Possibily either South Asian or Middle East, confident, very serious, deep and mature voice.

Two phone numbers he used: 604.4*2.45*9 & 604.762.*17*

December 2011

Exchanged e-mails demanding picture of our colleague. Client promised a face picture when our colleague sent hers but then didn't send his. Client called our colleague’s number, asking a ton of questions, then said sorry not interested when our colleague asked if he actually had the funds.

Client put an ad on craigslist saying 100% real ad, won't waste time here, 1000$ for a cute girl and described what he wanted.

When pictures are send he basically says "sorry not interested" when the money came up huge time waster.

Name used: sammy gta

e-mail used: ***4162009@hotmail.com

Phone number used: 90*.965.8*71 (Hamilton number even though client posted his ad in the Toronto section)

*update August 2011

New report in August 2011 that Bruce tried to short change a business, then he began sending emails every day with threats of calling the police and landlord on this establishment. This harassment has been going on for months, and still continues. Bruce also made a fake pizza order to their location.

Toronto, February 2011


On-line Harassment

Client became enraged at our colleague via e-mail when she could not
accomodate the time he request for an appointment. He sent her 20 harassing
e-mails, filled with hateful and degrading defamation. He appears to have an interest
in feet.

Name: Bruce Mc**tridge. Alternate name used: Bruce Weav*r.

E-mail address he used:  b.mc*@sympatico.ca.

Toronto, August, 2011

Time Waster

Phone number he used: (416).43*.654*

Client calls many times, discussing details of kink related activities that he wants to partake in. He goes over what he wants in great detail and finally makes an appointment. He never shows up, phoning over a 3 hour period to say he will be coming, just having car battery issues. He then cancels.

August, 2011

Time Waster

Texted our colleague numerous times discussing what he is seeking and that he is on the way. He never shows up.

Phone number he used: (2*9).7*5.3653

May, 2011

Harassment via email

Very rude through e-mail, demanding of service & threatening to write a bad review.

Used the name: Tim B with e-mail system.alert@_____.com

Used the name: R godfrey with e-mail styxkitty@_____.com

April, 2011

Harassment via email.

Client requested bareback sex.  He also made insulting remarks about 
our colleague and her nationality.

E-mail address he used:  lebanesegodofpleasure@____________.com

Toronto, September 2010


Time Waster

Upon arrival the client told our colleague to wait while he went back to his car to get his money, he never returned and did not pay a cancellation fee.

When he called to book the appointment he said his name was 'Jimmy.' He sounded mature and serious over the phone.

Spoke with an Indian accent. He said that if our colleague took good care of him he would refer her to his friends. He booked an appointment for the following day.

Called the following day from his cell phone, a half hour before the appointment to confirm.


Young Indian male, in his late 20s-early 30s. 5'5, 170lbs, solid/chubby build with a trimmed beard and mustache. Wearing a white shirt with horizontal blue stripes and blue jeans, a colourful baseball hat appeared to be hiding his long hair piled on top of his head. Claims to be a perfume distributor. Partial caller ID name, Atvinder.

Work Phone: (416) 840.006* (perfume distributor)

Cell Phone: (289) 892.*567

Montreal, August 2010


Harassed our colleague, via phone, text, and verbally abused her in person.

He wanted her to go to his house in Shawinigan. She asked him to come into town first and she would see him. She met him in a public place, he was late. He said he had a nice house with a spa and he has been separated for 3 months.

Our colleague asked him for the fee previously agreed upon before leaving with him in his car. He refused and decided to try to get on the highway. Our colleague repeated again that he had to pay her fee before she left town with him. He said he had to go to the bank machine. In the parking lot of the bank, he stayed in the car and he became unstable. She asked him to drive her back, and he drove her to a dark area.

She walked away. He followed her in his car while yelling insults.

He bothered our colleague for a month afterward by email and voicemail.

Description: White, early thirties. Blue eyes, short brown hair. Average built and weight. Wearing jeans and a pink shirt. Claimed he owns a car dealership in Shawinigan, but he is just the sales director. He drives a white car.

Plate number starting by FAA.

Name: Mathieu, last name rhymes with coyote.

Cell: (81*) 69*-4785

Montreal, May 2010


2500 Chemin Bates (Road)

Time waster.

Texted colleague often.  When she arrived at the building, he texted 
her a code for the lobby door.  The door opened by itself.  He texted her two 
separate apartment numbers, neither of which existed.  He then mocked her via 

Once she was outside of the building a man with dark hair, dark eyes
and Middle Eastern accent came out and asked her to come back into the
building.  She asked if he was the caller.  He denied it was him, but 
then opened the door to a small room with cleaning supplies inside it and 
asked to come in there.  She refused and left.  He said he lives in Montreal 
and Toronto.

Description:  Late 20's, about 5'6" or 5'7", stocky build.  Middle 
Eastern, dark eyes, short wavy hair.  Casual dress, jeans, white 
running shoes.

He used two different phones to contact her.
514  *99  *243
647  *86  *176

Update, January, 2010

Our colleague has obtained a court judgment in Toronto, Ontario on January 28, 2010 against Mark Charles Robins ("Mark") of Ontario, for libel and defamation for postings he has posted on an "escort review" board. Mark has apologized.


Mark C. Robins is an investigative consultant. A colleague hired him to do some investigative work for her. The work was not done to her satisfaction. He agreed to refund her money, but then reneged. She believes that he thought she would be too afraid to complain because of her profession. She sued him in Small Claims court & she won the refund & some of her court costs which Robins has since paid. The reason SPOC is posting his information on this page is because our colleague states that in order to seek revenge, Robins wrote derogatory & misleading reviews about her on different Internet websites. According to her, he also made false allegations to the police & Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and published her legal name on the Internet. This lead to significant harassment directed toward her, harming her business.

Robins’ website is mcrinvestigative.ca

Hamilton, January 2010

Incall, Time Waster

‘Keith’ booked and didn’t show, rebooked and showed up late. He was very nervous when he arrived. As the session was about to begin he said “I can’t go through with this”, and left without even paying a cancellation fee.

Called from a Canadian mining company: 90*-573-910*

October 2009   Toronto

Books an incall.  Arrives, then asks if colleague is interested in  changing careers.  Some SPOC members have had similar experiences with  men booking calls, only to try and 'save our souls' by offering us jobs selling make up, cleaning, homeopathic products etc.

When asked to leave, he did without incident.

Description: Asian
Phone number: 416-2*7-208*


July /09

Our colleague was polite and professional and after several e-mail exchanges he became rude and obnoxious. He has since begun harassing her via phone.

E-mail: russ.toronto@gmail.com

Description he gave is: “44 and in shape”

The following information is being posted for informational purposes only. SPOC has nothing against sexual fetishes.

In the e-mail exchanges he wrote about his foot fetish: running shoes and sock.


July /09

Booked call, confirmed & then was a no-show.

Name given: David Wa**ace

E-mail used: holymakinaw79@gmail.com

Cell #: 647-22*-098*


Mid April /09

Name given: Fazir (Faz)

Address: #7 Rochefort Drive, North York

Books outcall. Even calls to confirm, seems legitimate. Once colleague arrives at the building, he doesn't answer his phone or door.

Cell #: 416-8*3-*384



Via Craigslist

Our colleague was polite and friendly in her e-mail correspondence to "Mike". When she specified that she does not excepted calls from blocked numbers, his e-mails and phone calls quickly became insulting and rude.

Description he gave to our colleague via e-mail is: Weight 200lbs. 5'11", brown eyes, dark complexion.

E-mail: mike.78@live.ca

Name given: Mike J*m*s


Fall 2008

Evan aka Rick or Bob – Booked for a reduced service, then produced less than that fee. Insisted on higher service without wanted to pay more. Stayed longer than the agreed upon time. Did not disclose his physical mobility disability to our colleague prior to date. Also spends too much time on phone during booking. 416-***-7059.


Fall 2008

Jean-Pierre - Meets with colleague and then suddenly has to go back to work. Much communication, indicates that he is interested in a duo. Escort arranged for a colleague. Client just wanted to meet and not do business. "I want you to show me what you can do." Like a free preview or something. Short stature. Works downtown. 416-***-6617.


Fall 2008

Ian - East Indian, short stature. In the printing business - Only shows up with half the fee 416-***-7337.


Fall 2008

Jacob – Hilton in Markham. South Asian, over-weight, short stature, 50ish. Booked repeat performance for the following day and then disappeared. Could not make phone contact etc. 631-***-2627.

Time Wasters

Mid August 2008: Bill. 416-***-1718. Booked and then didn’t show. Colleague called and he said "wrong #".

Mid September 2008: Frank. 647-***-2025. Booked, didn’t show. Then lied on the phone "wrong number".

2008: MarkusK***@bell.blackberry.net. 905-***-0430. No show.

2008: Bruno R. 416-***- 6070. br** i_99@yahoo.com. Is a lawyer. Italian, 40ish, medium stature, short curly brown hair, clean shaven. All together too much talking . Colleague had lunch with client, but he still just wanted to talk dirty via email.

2008: Marco aka Sam 647 *** -3849. Claims to want a date for him and his girlfriend. Obviously knows nothing about this because he gets the escort to call when his girlfriend isn't present. Met for a drink but had only $40. Personable, good looking, short stature, Romanian, pony-tail.

2008: Paul from Etobicoke. 647***1094. Just wants to talk dirty on the phone. No show . Says he’s Greek and 33. Has a nice voice.

2008: Vince. 416***3625. Early November. St. Clair and Avenue Rd. Apartment. Colleague arrived and he was not there.



  Booked call to see colleague at his apartment. After she left, she
  noticed that a large part of the fee was missing.

  Fortunately, she was able to recover the fee from him in short order.


  Name: Sanjay
  Address: 55 Maitland St.
  Phone: 416-80*-59*6

  Height: 5'10- 6 ft
  Build: Thin
  Age: 30
  Short Dark Hair
  Wears Glasses
  May be East Indian
  Well Dressed
  VERY subtle accent
  Claims to be a Real Estate Agent

April 2008

Called from hotel. Booked with colleague. Said, " Don't bring the cops 
with you."
Name didn't match with front desk.

No description.
Name:  Mr. Jones
416- 2*9-42*0

March 2008


Gave a sob story about how he was beaten up. Showed photos of his 
beaten face, then pulled out a bible. Said he won $ 25, 000, 000 in 
the Super Seven lottery. Then showed a $ 10 million winner number on his cell.

Payed some of the fee in cash, the rest in cheques that bounced.

Name: G. Pennyfea**er
Number: 416-**9-4200
Race: Black
Very slim about 40 years old

Mid December

Did not want to leave and did not come with enough money to pay our colleague. Pressured her to do drugs. Calls himself: "Mike". Goes on craigslist.

Real last name is: ***** Youssuf

Birth-date: December **, 1980

THEFT, Spring

A client contacted SP via email requesting several hours. During small talk, he claimed to be an RCMP officer. He seemed to want to, " show off. " SP asked him a few law enforcement related questions & he had no idea. They went to eat & then to a hotel. While she was in the bathroom, he ransacked her purse and stoled money. He drove her home but when they got close to her residence, he became fidgety. He repeatedly asked who the people walking around the neighbourhood are. Then he said her payment was in the trunk and that they both get out to get it. Once they both got out of the car, he jumped back in and drove off. He stole from her purse and did not pay her the money he owed to her.

Name; His emails were from anthonysimar@hotmail.com

Description; About 5' 5", 140 lb's. Dresses nicely. Has a tattoo on his arm that says, " Ali ".

He tells people that he lives in Uxbridge but may live in Scarborough. Mentioned that he owned a motorcycle shop.

" Andrew " booked via phone. During the call, he used singular pronouns. When SP looked though the peephole, only one man was visible. Once she opened the door there were two men. Both tried to enter the apt. but she shut the door allowing 1 to enter, leaving the other in the hallway. She informed him that she does not see 2 men at once. She allowed him to leave even though he did not pay a cancellation fee.

SPOC believes that these 2 men are more than just time wasters and may be potentially violent.

Description as reported by SP. Both are East Indian and heavyset though not obese, with short dark hair, between 5 ' 7 and 5 ' 9", late 20's to early 30's. One is going bald.

Phone is, 416-***-2882

Car description; Light blue domestic van, plate # A**X850

TORONTO, October 2007

45 Dunfield Ave. ( Yonge & Eglinton area. ) A client in this building videotapes services provided, without the escorts' knowledge or consent. He is Caucasian & fairly close to retirement age. Nice building but his apartment is unkempt with a lot of tech stuff. SPOC's advice is, when going to see a client at his home or a hotel room that he has rented, always make certain the lights are very low while providing services.


Client gave the name Ian. Around 40, skinny and 5'8", short, spiked blonde hair, Western European background. Very quiet, indecisive on the phone. Said he would come in fifteen minutes for a duo. When he arrived, 40 minutes later, he was obviously drunk. Told the SP he wanted to see her alone instead of a duo. Paid, went in the bathroom for over five minutes, then came out and said he had a phone call and had to leave. He asked for his money back, and became argumentative about paying a $40 cancellation fee, threatening blackmail.


3rd week of July

Books as a client and then shows up. Is nice and uses the excuse to talk and get to know you, stays 1/2hr and leaves without paying.

Name: Gave the name Jason.

Description: Male, South Asian. Late 30's-early 40's. Very large build. Black hair, with grey. Says he is a shiatsu-student. Possibly works in buisness-admin. Client responded to Escort from craigslist


Client arrived 1hr late. Escort explained that she may not be able to see him for the full amount of time because she had other matters to attend to. Escort provides services. Client then demands part of the money back. Escort agrees since time was limited. Client then threatened her and demanded the full amount back.

Description: Male, Indian, Late 20’s. Very very thin, 5’0 tall, scaly legs.
Says he is living in Brampton.
Email he used: karan4anything@yahoo.com
Name: Karan R
Client responded to Escort from craigslist
Has this web address in signature from his e-mail: http://cyberblady.com web address does not work.



UPDATE: We have been given further information that this guy is on craigslist. He is also going by the alias: Nick Kent nk40toronto@yahoo.ca

Garden variety con artist. Searches the net for women, ( not only escorts ), then does a smooth talk about looking for a woman for whom he can be a sugar daddy, with offers of $2500 per month or more.

Lucas is penniless. Seeks out larger sized women. Claims to do renovations or own a property management company. Claims to be widowed with one child. Says he was in a car accident. Sometimes says his wife died in the car accident other times his business partner died in the accident. Cons and steals what he can if he has the opportunity. May travel between Ottawa & Toronto.

Photo of Lucas

***WARNING*** Cheap date shows up to SP's house, decideds he doesn't want to stay, after calling several times to confirm apt, ask about rates etc. John states "you are not what I had thought" John Never asked questions about looks, body type etc. Decides to leave, and SP
is left empty handed!**

Goes by the Name: Bill


Has shaggy hair to shoulders, mustache,wore Hawian shirt. Tattoos on forearm. White, aged
approx 40-60.

Has Rogers cell phone 778 *** 5466.

Didn't answer SP's phone calls, and when reached he became abusive and told SP "you
better keep your mouth shut" and then denied making threats.

TORONTO  2477 Kipling Ave., apt # 1**. WHEN; NOV 20, 2004 DESCRIPTION; 2 young Black men with Caribbean accents, not more than 18 years old. One had a little bit of a mustache. Dressed "like thugs". Loud rap / gangsta music. Refused to turn on lights. The only light was from the T.V. in the bedroom. Clothes strewn all over the floor / mattress on the floor. The apt. smelled very bad. WHAT HAPPENED; Booked call for a single client, when escort arrived there were 2 of them. Escort was there for about 20 minutes, arguing as they refused to pay. Escort believes they were high, quite possibly on crack as there eyes "weren't right".

NAME; CAVANA or CAVANO. RACE; White. AGE; 35 to 45. BUILD; 5', 11'', medium build. HAIR; very clean cut, light brownish / red, thinning. GENITALS; redness on shaft of penis / circumsized. WHEN; late NOV,2004. WHERE; Holiday Inn / Mississauga. Booked call, asked escort to take a cab, then didn't have enough money to cover the cab. He began a long speil about how he runs gambling games / shows. He mentioned Calgary, Vancouver & Las Vegas. He offered her a job promoting his venture & to have sex with clients at the shows. He offered her 3500 for each weekend and 5000 for new clothes. (There was another escort from the Niagara region in the room.) He wanted escort to have unsafe sex with him. When she refused he became angry and threatened that she would not get the job he offered. He e-mails from holidayinnconference @ niagara.com. Escort believes he may work at the Holiday Inn.

George Michalidis
Address ; 100 Gowan Ave., apt, 4** (Pape and Cosburn area).
Phone ; 647-***-6791
Heritage ; Greek
When ; July 30 / 2004 (5 to 10 pm.)
Description ; late 20's, clean cut look, " good looking ", dark features.
Mr.Michalidis contacted sex pro re her ad in Eye or Now magazines.
What happened ; Sex pro confirmed fee via phone at 200 dollars per hour. It was agreed upon to be a five hour date.
When she arrived at the above address, it was a surprise that instead of just Mr. Michalidis being there, three other men where present. She decided that was okay, and during the five hours, took care of them in her professional capacity. At the end of the evening, they all refused to pay for her services.
Sex pro left the above address. She was not beaten or otherwise harmed. However, SPOC believes that it is difficult to to insist on professional fees when there are four men and only one woman.
The other three men are all in their late 20's, and described as having Greek heritage. No further descriptions or names are available at this time.

July 16 / 04
Name; Olsen, ( name confirmed at hotel desk.)
When: 8 pm EST
Where: Toronto, Delta, Chelsea Hotel
Description; White, 38 to 41 years old, about 5' 10", short hair, salt & pepper, brown eyes, clean shaven, approx 180 lbs.
What Happened; Sex Pro spoke with him 3 times via phone. Fee was confirmed on phone. Mr. Olsen requested foot / leg /smothering /stocking /face sitting fetish. Sex Pro arrived at desingnated time. Mr.Olsen then asked if he could be her boyfriend / slave/ boytoy etc.
When Pro informed him, he was wasting her time and asked for a cancelation fee of 50 dollars Mr. Olsen replied that he did not have ANY money.
Sex Pro believes Mr. Jack Olsen is from Ontario, maybe Toronto or GTA area.

647-***-0470, Thomas, Brit accent
416-***-9752, M Hague
905-***-9752, Nair
416-***-7005, very rude, basic perv
416-***-2746, Brit accent, calls repeatedly
416-***-3199, Asian decent, no show, calls from various numbers

Rey Ortencio,Toronto. Can be physically and verbally abusive. Is also a stalker.
DESCRIPTION; About 5'6', Phillipino, mustache.
ADDRESS; 50 Cambridge
HOME; 416-465-7875
CELL; 416-564-5035
E-mail; rcionetro3535@yahoo.com (e-mail address could be changed).

Has used the handles: "Jamm" or "hasta la vista" on the Internet.

Roger, Toronto.
E-mails and claims he's a member of GTAC. However, his name doesn't come up on search. Says other women recommend him, but refuses to say who. Agressive in e-mails. A few days later escort was sent a malicious worm virus that she traced back to his e-mail address.
SPOC, unfortunatly, at this time, will not publish the e-mail address as escort is not entirely sure if the info she currently has re his e-mail is is correct.

Date is from Saint-John, New Brunswick.
DESCRIPTION; early 40's, about 6'1", big guy. Bald on top, light brown hair with some grey. Clean shaven/ glasses.
RACE; White
INCIDENT; He had had too much to drink, was very disrespectful, had difficulty reaching orgasm and tried to do things escort was not comfortable doing. He injured her back. His hygiene was questionble, talked a lot about sexual things re his wife and repeatedly asked escort for inapropriate personal info.
Said he owns his own company and employs about 200 people in Saint-John.

April 1, 2004. About 3 am.
At Church and Carlton streets, SPOC/Maggie's member was out, in her car giving sex pro's info and condoms when a Silver 4 door, possibly a Cavalier pulled up along side of her. There were 2 males in the front and 2 females in the back seat.
One of the guys got out of the car and began banging on her window, punching and kicking her car, all the time yelling and swearing, calling her a whore etc.
Description; Early to mid 20's, short blonde hair, no facial hair.
Licence Plate is; *C*-877
Race; All occupants of the car were White.

Toronto, November /03
Outcall. He cancelled and reluctantly paid the cancellation fee, which he threw on the floor, making escort pick it up, all the while exposing his penis to her. Was rude & swearing and demanded oral sex. Escort refused.
Followed escort down the stairs as she was trying to leave/escape.
WHERE: Lives on McPerson Street above a flower shop that he owns.
LAST NAME; Johnson
RACE; White

To report undesirable clients, contact SPOC at 416-364-5603 or email us at welcome@spoc.ca