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Amy Lebovitch, Executive Director
Valerie Scott, Legal Co-ordinator
Julie Grant, Exec-at-Large

E-mail: welcome(at)

Phone: 416.364.5603 (Valerie Scott)

Phone: 416.880.6034

Twitter: @SPOCsexworkers

Facebook : Sex Professionals of Canada (Must be signed in to facebook before clicking)

Mailing address


P.O. Box # 305

245 Gerrard St. East

Toronto, Ontario


To report a bad or undesirable client by phone contact:

Toronto: 416.880.6034

If you find yourself under arrest and are incarcerated, we and other people can help if you have pets that need care while you are in jail. We mostly have experience with dogs, cats and parrots. If you are a sex worker, feel free to call collect. We have people in several cities and towns that can provide good quality care for your pets.